Millions of Peaches…

It’s been a while since my last post, I have changed jobs and been pretty tired and lethargic so haven’t really had the energy to do much beside eat, sleep and watch MasterChef. However, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful ‘Peregrine’ peach tree that came from a fantastic grower in Faversham called Edible Culture. If anyone lives in and around Kent I highly recommend visiting their nursery – the range of plants (especially herbs) that they sell and the knowledge of the staff is first rate. The tree was a prize won by my friend at a raffle for the Go Ability Trust so they’re a charitable bunch to boot!

I won’t be planting the peach tree directly in the allotment as the tenancy agreement prevents me from planting any trees that take over a year to come to fruition. Instead, I’ll use a large pot embedded in the ground to keep the roots contained like my neighbours do. I hope that one day we’ll own our own home and we’ll be able to plant our lovely tree in our own garden so I don’t want it to get too established anyway.

I’m very excited about how our fruit area will shape up over the next few years as I’ve just acquired 10 strawberry plants from my Mum which I’m umming and ahhing about planting out properly as it’s a bit late in the day. I looked in a book this morning and it said leave it until the last frost but I am very impatient. Hopefully, we should have a good selection when factoring in the raspberries that are already on the plot and the gooseberries (?) that are established there too.

My parents visited us and came to the nursery with us when we picked up the peach tree and they got pretty excited by it and also when they saw the allotment. I got my love of gardening and the outside from them and I’m looking forward to sharing the space with them in the warmer weather with barbecues and a few beers hopefully!

Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow as I’m hoping to go over and do some pruning and planting.

Dad delivering ‘Perry’
Perry in it’s temporary home behind the shed and in front of our reclaimed compost bin (woohoo)

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