Seasons draw in

It’s been a nice week in Canterbury, weather-wise – the autumn is in full swing and I’m really appreciating the beautiful colours and shapes of the leaves around in the streets and front gardens – the house opposite ours has a climber (I think it’s wisteria) that’s leaves are a gorgeous red. There is also a lovely Japanese maple down the road in someone’s front garden that looks extremely dramatic with a similarly deep red leaves that are nicely set off by the dark brown of its trunk. Yesterday was characterised by light but persistent mist that made closing the curtains and having a cosy night in particularly enticing.

The downside of this time of year is that the change in the clocks seems to have scuppered my energy and I am tired and lethargic. I haven’t slept very well recently and I’ve been experiencing lots of anxiety over my new job and Christmas logistics. The result of all this is that I feel sick, mentally and physically. I am terminally gloomy most of the time but I don’t think I’ve been this badly physically affected by my depression in quite a while, if ever. Maybe it’s a bit of SAD and I need to get out and about more but the extreme fatigue is making it difficult to want to. I think that if I try to go to sleep at any time of the day I will right now. I just want to hibernate and to not have to do anything ever again.

Tomorrow is another day and we may manage to go out for a walk and look at some mushrooms. I must be craving nature because all of my doodles are of trees and mushrooms at the moment!



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