Green manure is in!

On Monday I had a glorious time breaking up clods of mud and raking over bits that the guys had already dug over to prepare for the green manure seeds – the weather was still unseasonably warm. I think that the vibrations from the fork I was using gave me a headache but it was worth it! Every gardening book or packet of seeds tells you to rake the soil ‘to a fine tilth’ prior to planting seed. Still have no idea what that actually looks like – should probably google it!

I don’t really know what to expect from the seeds I put in. I think I may have sown too many (the packet said it could be used to sow up to 20 metres squares) it feels like my allotment isn’t that big but I think I’m underestimating it – allotments are traditionally measured in ‘poles’ an Anglo Saxon system. A full plot is 10 poles or 250 metres squared (about the size of a tennis court with the tram lines included) so mine is half that. I’m hoping that the nitrogen fixing roots won’t interfere with the onions they’re planted next to – I did leave a good path between, apparently  planting onions after legumes can make them go green.

I’ve put some photos of the tidied up plot below – Joe painted the shed a lovely sage green and we’re all anxiously looking at the raspberries (to the left of the shed below) and trying to work out how not to kill them. I’m conscious that winter is drawing in now so we’ll have to put our ambitions to bed until spring mostly but will need to take some action to tame the growth of weeds and the spread of the raspberry canes.


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