Allotment novice eek.

Allotment before
Before – currently working on the after

We moved house in June and I didn’t realise how much I’d miss my garden this summer/autumn so I was really happy that I got my allotment as quickly as I did. Taking it on felt like one of the most grown up things I’d ever done even though I’m married, have been living away from home and in a serious relationship for years.

Having only had the plot since September most of the work we’ve done so far has been tidying up and burning rubbish. Our friend Mark is sharing the allotment with us and to my shame he has done a lot more digging and planting than we have. He’s prettying up the place with flowers – daffodils and wallflowers are in by the shed and he has put in two rows of garlic. That said, we have the luxury of time to be able to plan because it’s autumn (although the balmy temperatures don’t imply that) and there’s not much we can plant or sow at the moment.

We inherited a shed which had lots of stuff left in it including chicken manure and bone and blood mixture. Needless to say we won’t be using that so we have to build up our own compost heap. I haven’t had much success with making compost myself previously but I’m going to gather up the leaves from the front of our house and take them down with the veg peelings to see if we can get some started. There’s no toilet at the allotment so I’ve encouraged the boys to wee on the compost to activate it but they don’t seem too keen just yet…

Along with homemade compost I’ve decided to experiment with some ‘green manure‘ – fast growing plants which can ‘fix’ nitrogen into the soil and provide ground cover to suppress weeds. I sowed my first lot today in a lovingly (if painstakingly) prepared bed and am keeping my fingers crossed that I sowed it well enough. I intend to go back tomorrow and do some more digging and sieving and hope to get some more seeds in before the clocks go back next weekend.



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