Hi there,

I’m Angela,

I’m thirty two and I live in Canterbury in the UK.

I am learning how to live more freely, take time to be in nature and create.

I have lived my whole working life in unsatisfying and dismal offices so far, gaining companionship and fleeting moments of pride from my work and not much else.

I was/am miserable and unfulfilled. I never feel like I fit in in corporate environments. I lose interest too easily. I stick out like a sore thumb. I breakdown and can’t get up again. I know that it is scientifically proven that people work better, are happier and more productive when they work for fewer hours a week, and I want to give it a go.

So I’ve started to try to change my life. Discover who I am and be a bit happier. This blog is far and away the scariest thing I’ve ever done. In the last year I took the leap from vegetarianism to veganism, I’ve reduced my working hours to four days a week with the agreement of my husband (thanks Joe), taken on an allotment and gone back to my creative writing course.

We don’t have children. We don’t own our own home. So it’s risky to be doing this at this stage in my life but I can’t stay in the same routine – I have to try to break away from the things that make me unhappy otherwise what’s the point?

I love art, museums, music, reading and learning languages but struggle to retain information so expect my focus to flit between topics!

Welcome to my blog and my life. Please read me with care!


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